What Tim Tebow and the GOP Candidates Have in Common

The reason I first made this connection is because I hate both of them. Let me start out explaining why I hate Tebow because I think people know why I hate the GOP Candidates.

Tim Tebow is a great athlete, there is no hiding from that. And like many athletes, Tim Tebow is religious. But what makes Tebow stand out is his proselytizing that he constantly does.

From his Super Bowl anti-abortion commercial to his constant kneeling, Tebow makes it his goal for everyone to know that he loves God.  It is so obnoxious for him to constantly thank God and Jesus for his successes. He can thank them in his head, he doesn’t need to say it out loud.

Yes, I am both an atheist and a liberal so I am predisposed to dislike these characters. But there are many Christians who hate Tebow and just as many republicans that can’t stand their candidates.

So what do these two have in common besides me hating them? They both are putting on a show.

I’m sure Tebow loves god but he wants the attention for his devotion. The GOP candidates (mainly Romney) are making it seem like they have beliefs far more radical than in actuality, just to gain votes.

Now I realize that in our society we have a tendency to act differently to impress others, it’s part of our nature.

But it is stupid that so many people fall for the obvious ploys of these actors. I guess the reason I hate both of them is because they make me realize how ignorant many of my fellow Americans are.

It disgusts me that so many people listen to words without thinking about the meaning behind them. TIM TEBOW WANTS TO CONVERT YOU! THAT IS HIS GOAL! THE GOP WANTS YOUR VOTES!

Do not believe they are good and righteous people just because they tell you they are. Listen to me, I am the Pope. See what I did there? (I’m not the Pope).

Stop being gullible and ignorant. Stop living up to the stereotypes that the rest of the world make about us. Be smart.


6 thoughts on “What Tim Tebow and the GOP Candidates Have in Common

  1. I’m not sure it’s clear — do you hate conservatives and Tebow?

    Nobody puts on a show quite like your boy Obama, who delivered the same speech that he did last year. Amazing how he continues to promise the impossible, while not even doing the absolutely necessary (1,000 days since the last time there was a budget in place; I know, I know, it’s the right’s fault).

    • If he sounds like a broken record it is because our country is quite broken. I believe there is more that he could, and should, be doing. That being said, our system is so inefficient at this point that he does not have the ability to make things happen. I blame the GOP more for ignorance that for destroying the American system, that is both sides fault. I wish Obama could just solve all the problems but at this point its just not possible.

  2. I rarely watch internet videos even when people implore and tell me it’s the funniest thing ever, but I did get talked into watching this SNL skit and had to admit it’s pretty funny. Regardless of how one feels about politics or religion, the ultimate naivete of self-righteousness is always an invitation to ridicule.

  3. Do you think Tim Tebow is paid to “pose”? Does he better himself financially for being a Christian? You make several assertions/assumptions that need clarification for this rant to hit its target. The tone is spot on!

    • I don’t think he is “paid to pose” per say, though I do think the Broncos have realized they will make the most money and get the most attention with him at quarterback. Football, like every pro sport, is a business first and I think sometimes we forget that. I do think Tebow is bettering himself financially by his acts though I don’t see his show as being for the financial gains because he is already making plenty. The simple fact is we have many Christians in this country and they will gravitate to a player that displays a similar faith to their own. I feel that Tim Tebow is truly a man of committed faith, but I feel that he is also an attention hound and that the nation is encouraging his act too much.

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