You are wired  – it is how your brain functions. You are programmed – you are made in one specific way.

You have a chemical makeup, you are your own chemical makeup.

It epitomizes you, it controls you, it decides who you are.

It is set in stone, yet is easily altered. And when that happens, it is scary.

What once controlled you and monitored who you are, has now changed. You are no longer yourself – once made up from certain chemicals, you are now inhabited by imposters.

You are changed, you are different.

You are not yourself.

They say it’s good, they say it helps. It’s good for you, it will make things better.

It will make you better.

You are out of control. You are not yourself.

Are you better?

They say things will be easier, that you are struggling.

It will put you at ease.

You just need to be different, a changed version of yourself.

Then you will be better.

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