I was Wrong!!!

I am an incredibly superstitious person. I freak out whenever I see a black cat, I refuse to walk under ladders, I don’t break mirrors and I hold salt shakers hostage during dinner so that no one spills it.

Therefore, I also believe in certain “signs” if you will, meaning that since one thing occurred, it must mean that I need to do something.

In this instance, I got sick this morning because I was meant to watch the Pro Bowl, even after swearing I wouldn’t.

So here I am, laying in my bed, meds taken, tissue box in hand, watching the Pro Bowl on NBC.com. I’m probably in for a garbage, throw away game full of blown tackles and crappy effort.

Um, what is this I’m watching? Is this…a good game?!

I have actually enjoyed watching the Pro Bowl this year. Watching some of my favorite players in the league just explode for yardage play after player. Yes, the defense is still a little bit lax but I am enjoying myself right now.

Of course, a game including the best in the business usually has a few highlights.

For starters, Russell Wilson looks like the second coming of Jesus.

For the religious nuts out there, get over it. I’m not insulting religion. I’m a proud Roman Catholic, but I’m not about to get insulted by this nonsense. Jesus was a perfect being, so say the teachings. Today, Wilson was quite perfect indeed.

He threw some great passes, ran a few times, commanded an offense and made me wish he was the QB for the Eagles. I’ve said it countless times. I believe in the mobile quarterback. I don’t mean the running back that can throw like Mike Vick. I mean the quarterback that can run, like RG3 and Wilson.

Another highlight was seeing Jeff Saturday, the center for the NFC, come over to the AFC side and snap the ball to Peyton Manning. For those that live under a rock, Manning and Saturday were teammates in Indianapolis a few years back for a long time. They built a chemistry that was unmatched in the modern day NFL. Jeff has decided to retire following the now concluded Pro Bowl game.

There were a ton of highlights, and I encourage any of you guys to check out some clips. However, my personal favorite highlight from the day was when Ed Hochuli, the referee for the game, dished out the first flag of the day. The game had gone almost a full half before a penalty was called. So, he took that fact and decided to make some comedy out of it. He turned on his mic and said the following to the crowd,

“Yes, there are still penalties in the Pro Bowl.”

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Does Creationism Have a Place in Public School?


Tsk tsk

And when I saw that headline on the LATimes here, I was very befuddled. Since I don’t feel like writing a several page long essay trying to tap into the small brains of creationists, I’ll try to do so in a few short paragraphs.

Let’s begin with a couple of little things called facts. Facts are what you teach children in school. Children do not need their heads filled with hearsay or so called “faith-based facts” that rely on gut instincts. Children need to know what is actually true, because information is power, and the more knowledge you have, the better your short time on Earth here is going to be.

And secondly, let’s remember how you are supposed to make logical conclusions. You are supposed to form a hypothesis (well done religion, you make it this far), and then gather as much proof and evidence (this is where ol’ God loses it) to back up your hypothesis. This is how the great scientists and thinkers of time have always done it, and how it should be taught. Scientists, atheists, anti-theists and evolutionists understand that to understand the world you must have proofs for your beliefs. It is the creationists who need to supply proof for what they believe. Science has been doing this for years and years. It baffles me how something so blatantly false and fabricated as religion and creationism can be even thought about for curriculum in schools.  Once some proof other than some burnt toast comes forth for religious beliefs, I’ll stick with the side that supplies the logic.


Another War in the Name of God

Let’s say

That I belonged to a social club that met each week.

Let’s say

That the people in the club believed that it was founded by a guy named, I don’t know, Chuck.

Let’s say

Chuck was a homophobic, misogynistic, genocidal old man who lived in a cloud and had the power to make everything happen.

Lastly, let’s say

That because I belonged to this club, I inherited a hatred of all other social clubs in the area.

Okay, now of course no one would ever join this club. It’s ridiculous. However, if this was your religion, you’d be perfectly fine with it.

The Old Testament, for instance, a book held believed to be true by both Christians and Jews, is one of the most outrageous pieces of literature in Western Culture.

For most of it, God is killing people. He wipes out everyone but Noah and his family in one part, destroys two cities and its inhabitants in another, forces Lot to offer his own daughters to be raped, etc.

However, when the O.T. is lacking in violence, it makes up for it in sheer whimsicality and stupidity. This is the same with all religious texts. There really is no room for a reasonable person to believe in some of the “facts” of Juedo-Christain beliefs (I’m not leaving other religions like Islam out on purpose, its just that these strike a little closer to home).

Religous “Facts”:

1.   Sadly (spoiler alert), Noah of the O.T. died at the young age of 950. The good die young.

2.   Although also in the New Testament, it is possible (and actually turned out quite well) to be swallowed by a giant fish, live in there for a while, and be spat back out.

3.   The universe was created by…well God. There isn’t much else to say about that because books like the O.T. say about that much in regard to the beginning of time (cough-COP OUT-cough).

However, taking what some would call “cheap shots” like this at religion isn’t fair because these things aren’t meant to be taken literally. They’re simply meant to be ignored and the good bits should be cherry picked out when needed.

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What Tim Tebow and the GOP Candidates Have in Common

The reason I first made this connection is because I hate both of them. Let me start out explaining why I hate Tebow because I think people know why I hate the GOP Candidates.

Tim Tebow is a great athlete, there is no hiding from that. And like many athletes, Tim Tebow is religious. But what makes Tebow stand out is his proselytizing that he constantly does.

From his Super Bowl anti-abortion commercial to his constant kneeling, Tebow makes it his goal for everyone to know that he loves God.  It is so obnoxious for him to constantly thank God and Jesus for his successes. He can thank them in his head, he doesn’t need to say it out loud.

Yes, I am both an atheist and a liberal so I am predisposed to dislike these characters. But there are many Christians who hate Tebow and just as many republicans that can’t stand their candidates.

So what do these two have in common besides me hating them? They both are putting on a show.

I’m sure Tebow loves god but he wants the attention for his devotion. The GOP candidates (mainly Romney) are making it seem like they have beliefs far more radical than in actuality, just to gain votes.

Now I realize that in our society we have a tendency to act differently to impress others, it’s part of our nature.

But it is stupid that so many people fall for the obvious ploys of these actors. I guess the reason I hate both of them is because they make me realize how ignorant many of my fellow Americans are.

It disgusts me that so many people listen to words without thinking about the meaning behind them. TIM TEBOW WANTS TO CONVERT YOU! THAT IS HIS GOAL! THE GOP WANTS YOUR VOTES!

Do not believe they are good and righteous people just because they tell you they are. Listen to me, I am the Pope. See what I did there? (I’m not the Pope).

Stop being gullible and ignorant. Stop living up to the stereotypes that the rest of the world make about us. Be smart.

Are You There God?

Faith is the journey continued in hopes of finding the end

it is the belief that after years of hard work, finger breaking there will come rest

There is faith in mothers that they will nurture us

there is faith in fathers that they will protect us

there is faith in lovers that they will love us

But, what faith have I in someone else’s religion?

What do you believe?

I believe in love

love can’t be taught or preached

it can’t be written or spoken, not published, or broadcasted

I have faith in love

Sick Humor

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Glorify, celebrate, and embrace this moment of relief says the media. True. He had been the most wanted man in the world. He had put people in an absolute horror and unrecoverable remorse. He had brilliant ideas to cause further worldly destruction. He had killed the lives of millions and planned for even greater number. He had committed, multiple times, the most horrendous sin among mankind, murder. He had maddened the world. Now, he is gone, for good.

Extensive comments and articles about the details and expressions of relief and joy are, thus, understandable. However, people are having a hard time containing themselves as they make sick black humor out of this man’s demise. He, despite of his nearly unforgivable deeds, is a mankind.

A man. A father of six children. A husband of two wife.

His death was performed in front of his 12-year-old daughter. And, his death was confirmed by his children while his wife resulted in death during her “operation” by U.S. force because she would remain faithful to her husband.

Here, I question. “Do you think those children chose to share the disgraceful blood with this sick-minded man hated by the billions alive?”

But, sympathy is not the suitable wording of this case–apparently, those fancy and domineering religions have failed to deliver their grand message, forgiveness.

I am not an American citizen, but have friends, and relatives who suffer from the 9/11 catastrophe and the days since then. Maybe, my nauseating reactions to these comments are abnormal.

However, I know. I know, that some comments displayed online have exceeded the borderline of appropriateness.

An eye for an eye.

Is that it?

That 84 percent.

With the human population nearing 7 billion, I think it is a time we examine ourselves very closely.

One thing that I find very interesting is the fact that 84% of all people on this planet, are, in one form or another, religious. The superstition of Gods and other such things has been one trait that we have not been able to shake.

33% of all humans are Christian. That makes the Vatican one of the most powerful organizations in the world. The Catholic Church is so powerful that it has become it’s own country.  I am completely dumbfounded by what humans have allowed to happen. Religion is responsible of worst atrocities ever committed, yet people still follow it blindly.

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Religion again?

If History has taught us one thing, it’s that people do not like difference in their lives. The best examples come from religion. Christians and Muslims have had a shaky couple moments,  Jews have had it tough where ever they go, Tibetans and Chinese, Animists and Muslims, etc.

Why is it that people hate difference? If you ask anyone why they hate something, they will reply, more or less, “because it’s different.” Religion is just another excuse for people to hate other people. Religion, in my opinion, is completely unnecessary.

Humans have proven time and time again that they cannot live peacefully with religion. They have proved it through wars, murder and other terrible things. They have proved it through the stupidity of the Westboro Baptist Church, through the issuing of Fatwas, through Waco, through the Children’s Crusade, through 9/11, through Jonestown, and through the holocaust.

“But Jack, look at all of the good things religion has done for people!” Sure, religion can be good. Religion can feed the homeless, give people a reason to live, and have the occasional bake sale. But why can’t humans just do those things out of the goodness of their hearts? Do you really need to live in fear of judgement by a old man who resembles Charlton Heston to do good things? Can’t you just do them because they are good things to do?

Religion is also completely unnecessary.  Humans should, if they feel they have to, worship their form of God(s) in their own way. If humans are good at one thing it’s creating unnecessary rivalries between each other and ending up killing each other. If this wasn’t the case, then I would say, “Go ahead! have organized religion!” But it’s not. And being told to believe in things that are not true and that are prejudice is not only completely ridiculous, but also very scary.

Obama the Muslim!

President Obama announced this Tuesday that he is a Christian “by choice.” It’s kind of sad that Obama still has to prove himself to the American public. Almost two years after the presidential elections, and some people still either a) don’t believe that he is Christian, and/or b) think that he is a Muslim.

Right, because Obama has the middle name “Hussein,” and that his dad was from Kenya means that he is a Muslim extremist who wants to kill America and all of it’s values.

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Texas did it again

On Friday,  the Texas State Board of Education put an end to all “Islam references” in Texan World History textbooks.  The resolution passed to put an end to the Islam bias in the textbooks. Supposedly, there are too many textbooks with too many lines devoted to the practices of Islam, and not enough to the practices of Christianity. Terri Leo, a Texas school board member, said that the resolution sends a “clear message to publishers that it should not happen in the future.”

Okay, first of all, I fail to see how any world history textbook can accurately teach history without making references to Islam.  If we want school children to even vaguely understand the war in the Middle East, then they have to learn about Islam.  Secondly, there is no way the Texas Board of Education can favor one religion over another.  School is supposed to educate kids, not to brainwash them into thinking that one religion is better than another.  By saying that Christianity is better than Islam is ridiculous.  They are almost the same. One God, one messenger, holy scriptures, etc. 1.5 BILLION people are Muslim. The Texas Board of Education managed to insult nearly 1/5 of the world’s population by one silly, and very racist resolution.