UCLA Goes Down. After the Trojans.

Again Florida? Really?

Today the Gator’s passed the Bruins to advance into the fourth round of the NCAA Basketball championship. The final score was 73-65.

Despite the loss, the Bruin’s put up a good fight, with both guard Reeves Nelson and center Joshua Smith getting 16 points.

The Bruins went down fighting in the tournament, leaving me with one team left to cheer for. The Blue Devils from Duke are the team I pick to win. They are in my bracket going all the way to the championship.

Last year, I picked them to win as well. Not knowing anything about college basketball I was surprised when I won the bracket competition last year. I picked the teams based on their names and their records. If I won again this year, then I will be moving to Vegas to make a career based off of betting on college games.

Despite the loss today, I can still be happy that the Bruins made it further than the Trojans.

A new concept.

I have always admired and loved music. From birth my parents would play artists such as Simply Red and Blur around the house. My parents always encouraged me as a child to listen to music and Friday night became the highlight of my week when I became introduced to the music show, Top of the Pops.

Throughout my life I have heard music from bands such as Oasis, U2 and Coldplay which has consequently lead me to have a great love for music of all types. Although I love music I never really made the effort to learn to play a musical instrument.

Two years ago my Dad started learning the acoustic guitar. He greatly regretted never learning and encouraging me and my sister to learn so he attempted to inspire us later on in life.

Throughout my life I have excelled at different hobbies but never seem to follow them through due to fear of failure. From the age of 3 I did ballet, carrying on until I was 11. But after a move in location, out of fear, I never restarted. My teacher recommended I go to proper dance school but I just never had the faith that I’d be good enough. Now I look back at these moments with much regret but I acknowledge that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

I now have no real talent or hobbies so I thought it was about time I found something. Last week after discovering a music shop in Ventura called Pulse Drumming, which  advertised Ukulele lessons, I began to learn how to play the Ukulele.  It’s a small start but after going to buy my first Ukulele today I have become truly inspired.