Fairy Tales To Prance Into Theaters Soon

I can remember being read the classic fairy tales by my mother. I remember my love for Snow White and the handsome prince that would come rescue her.

As a child, I couldn’t wait to read the next fairytale spin-off and of course the classic animated movies took up most of my free time.

About a decade later, these classic fairy tales are still just as popular as before. However, the cinema in particular has taken a sudden new interest in these story lines.

Of course the re-invention of age-old fairy tales is hardly new, but recently these love stories have been recreated into more twisted, dark movies. In order to fit the interests of young adults, these movies have taken out the innocent cartoons in exchange for sex, violence, and satirical humor.

The most recent production is that of “Red Riding Hood,” a production by Twilight’s Catherine Hardwick in which a teenage romance triangle is twisted in with the fairy tale’s gruesome wolf character.

Alongside little red riding hood is a twist of Beauty and the Beast entitled “Beastly.” This is the story of a shallow young man who is taught a lesson after he is turned into an ugly “beast” and forced to find love. In addition, three different features of “Snow White” will be entering the big screen, ranging from an action flick to a dark comedy.

Each twist of classic fairy tales is hoping to bring much revenue as well, so hop on your horse-drawn carriage and come watch!

The Fogel Family


Over the weekend, Israel experienced a heavy blow.  An entire family was brutally murdered in their sleep by a Palestinian in the settlement of Itamar near Nablus.  Both parents Udi and Ruth were stabbed in their bed, the killer then slashed the throat of 11-year-old Yoav, knifed 3-year-old Elad in the heart, and slit the throat of their three-month-old baby, Hadas.

At present the Al Aqsa martyrs brigade, the military wing of Fatah has taken credit for the attack.  Nothing though is conclusive yet because Al Aqsa frequently takes credit for acts they did not actually commit to strengthen their own popularity.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has started a huge military operation to hunt down the man responsible.  The IDF has already arrested twenty people.  We can only hope that the perpetrator for this heinous crime be caught.

Haiti’s Possible Call for a Coup D’etat

After the earthquake, cholera outbreak, and hurricane, Haiti is suffering through another revolution, a presidential election mainly between two candidates.

The first candidate is Michael “Sweet Micky” Martelly who used to be a popular “bad boy” komba singer. He throws night parties or “presidential campaigns” to raise his popularity successfully.

Another candidate is Mirlande Manigat who had been the first lady in 1988. Her image is much more trustworthy and responsible than the one of Sweet Micky.

Seems pretty clear about who should become the president, right?

But apparently, Haitians are confused between these two: on one side, they want a fun and easy-going president to ease their grief momentarily while the other side desires justice and orders.

How did they end up in this mess?

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Mani Pulite

A 74-year-old man paid for a 17-year-old teenager girl prostitution.

Who is this man?

He is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Known for his notorious behavior strictly against morals, he has been in office since 1994 and dominated the Italian government.

But, how does he remain to hang onto his power?

This golden strategy lies within his prosperity. His stunning ability to manipulate the Italian political system with his power abuse sealed the lips of victims for years, until now.

Since this teenage Moroccan belly dancing prostitue called Ruby Rubacuori has been presented to the shocking public, his troubles finally spilled out on the table.

Italians have desperately waited for this moment. I remember during a dinner, two Italian college students suddenly yelled out his name in joy for having him tried on court officially and finally.

At another time, this woman from Rome complained about his terms through a story; because previous Italian politicians relied excessively on bribery, the citizens voted on Berlusconi, a wealthy man who could not possibly ask for more materialistic possessions. Then, she went on about how the old times are much better than this snobby man worsening the already inefficient government system.

And, she ended her story by repeating “Mani Pulite” (Clean Hands)–an Italian way to investigate the corruptions within the political world through an official judicial process.

As a response to his frustrated citizens, Berlusconi says he is not worried about trial.

Well, his trials will be run by a panel of three women judges. And, he has recently completed a plastic surgery for his nose and teeth that have been badly ruined by his protesting crowd.

Perhaps, he should be prepared a bit better for his worst nightmare.

Amen, Berlusconi.

Religion again?

If History has taught us one thing, it’s that people do not like difference in their lives. The best examples come from religion. Christians and Muslims have had a shaky couple moments,  Jews have had it tough where ever they go, Tibetans and Chinese, Animists and Muslims, etc.

Why is it that people hate difference? If you ask anyone why they hate something, they will reply, more or less, “because it’s different.” Religion is just another excuse for people to hate other people. Religion, in my opinion, is completely unnecessary.

Humans have proven time and time again that they cannot live peacefully with religion. They have proved it through wars, murder and other terrible things. They have proved it through the stupidity of the Westboro Baptist Church, through the issuing of Fatwas, through Waco, through the Children’s Crusade, through 9/11, through Jonestown, and through the holocaust.

“But Jack, look at all of the good things religion has done for people!” Sure, religion can be good. Religion can feed the homeless, give people a reason to live, and have the occasional bake sale. But why can’t humans just do those things out of the goodness of their hearts? Do you really need to live in fear of judgement by a old man who resembles Charlton Heston to do good things? Can’t you just do them because they are good things to do?

Religion is also completely unnecessary.  Humans should, if they feel they have to, worship their form of God(s) in their own way. If humans are good at one thing it’s creating unnecessary rivalries between each other and ending up killing each other. If this wasn’t the case, then I would say, “Go ahead! have organized religion!” But it’s not. And being told to believe in things that are not true and that are prejudice is not only completely ridiculous, but also very scary.

Nasty Habit!

Old habits are hard to break-even the nasty ones.

I bite my nails. I have periods when I break the habit, but during times of anxiety and pressure, I assuage my nerves with a dose of nail biting.

It’s gross, I know, but strangely stress relieving. Weird. Funny thing is, I hate looking at other people biting their own nails!

I had stopped the habit sometime last week but with the SAT just yesterday, I began to bite. I’m still biting because it’s very hard to stop once I’ve begun but I will try in order to let them grow and look prim for prom!

I don’t suppose I will be able to completely put an end to the habit until I get into colleges next year. Until then, I will battle the habit, temporarily stopping just to go back to biting again.

It’s Adventure Time!

I must say that Adventure Time is my absolute favorite show.

The show follows the adventures of Finn and Jake in the land of Ooo. From facing off the Ice King in order to save all the land’s princesses to going to a mission with Tree Trunks to find the Crystal Gem Apple, their adventures are nothing short of epic 15 minute episodes.

Not only is it entertaining, it also has good messages hidden in each episode. The show covers courage, talking to girls, friendship, and proper manners. Therefore it is both acceptable and entertaining for children and adults. I watch it with my little sisters, ages four and six, who find it hilarious and sometimes my parents will even let a giggle out.

If you haven’t seen an episode yet, they actually aren’t out on DVD yet unfortunately. Check into Cartoon Network late at night.