Football or Futbol?

Chad Ochocinco just finished his first day of tryouts for Kansas City’s MLS team.

I know… WTF right?

Well, apparently Ochocinco has had a longtime dream of being a soccer player, and thanks to the NFL lockout, he has the chance to make his dream a reality.

With almost forty reporters present at the tryouts, Ochocinco had a lot of questions coming his way. “Why would it be?” Ochocinco asked in reply to the notion that it was another one of his now famous jokes. “What you rather have me do during a lockout? Go get arrested, get in trouble? Act like Charlie Sheen? I’m one that never gets in trouble, I do nothing wrong. I just try to have fun.”

After the practice, Kansas City manager Peter Vermes said Ochocinco was “very coachable” but that he wouldn’t make any judgments yet.

Ochocinco had a couple of things to say about the tryout on his twitter, but said to reporters after the game, “I want to live out a dream, whether I make it or not,”