Prom Dress Post…Again

Well, I could not get my hands on that beautiful French Connection Samantha Sequins dress that I previously blogged about. It’s really such a shame. I called the corporate office and a snobby sounding woman snapped at me, telling me that seasons change and as a result, the clothes come and go. My dress had long gone.

So, as of today, I am still on the search for “the one.” This is the only prom that will really matter since my date will be the only one that matters! So this is the big hurrah, shopping for my dress. I found one on Bloomingdale’s website called the Kimberly Taylor Long Sleeve Button Down London Dress. But, the slight problem is that my good friend Wendy was also contemplating this dress.

AHHH there is always seems to be a problem when I find a dress that I like! Today’s goal: ask my good friend Wendy if I can buy the dress.

Assuming that I will buy the dress online, I will most likely be shopping for shoes and earrings this weekend with my mom. My mom is taking me out this weekend before she makes her big move to Denver, Colorado. A really random move. I already know I want nude colored heels and turquoise earrings so I can’t wait till tomorrow!

Boys Don’t Cry

According to studies, men are turned off by women who are crying.

I’m pretty sure that this information was common knowledge before this research but it’s still something to be reminded of.

The article directly states “Women’s Tears Reduce Sex Drive in Men.” How more direct can they be? I just find it fascinating that there is now scientific proof to back that statement up.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve cried in front of a lot of guys lately for multiple reasons, but does that mean that their “turned off” by that? I think that guys are attracted to tears sometimes because they pretty much signify a weak girl and therefore they can make an epic entrance into their lives and maybe win them over.

The study also stated that tears actually have a pheromone that can lower testosterone which would then decrease their sex drive although men could not tell the difference between simple saline drops and actual tears. Who would’ve thought!

Top 5 Movies Coming Out In 2011

Top 5 Movies Coming Out In 2011

These are my favorites

1: The Hangover 2

The highly dreaded sequel to the Hangover can either make or break the success of the first movie. Set in Thailand, Phil, Alan, and Doug are all invited there for Stu’s wedding. This sequel has more riding on it than just its own success; the comedy of the first one will be lost forever on many people, or, if the sequel to a movie that needs no sequel works out, will be exponentially funnier.

2: The Tree of Life
This is one of those movies for which the trailer says almost nothing about the plot, but still makes you want to see it. As far as I understand, Brad Pitt is Sean Penn’s father, but that’s about it. The trailer, however, shows a powerful display of incredible filmography and has a beautiful soundtrack, moving in its own right. This movie has the potential to be an Oscar Winner from the looks of it, I just hope it lives up.

3: Battle: LA

Ok, two things. One, I know it’s already out, but I haven’t seen it, so it still counts on this list. Two, I also know that it didn’t get the best reviews, but think about it, Battle… LA… Aliens attack… what did you expect?

4: Cowboys and Aliens

This movie looks even more mindless than Battle: LA. For one, it’s called “Cowboys and Aliens,” and from the looks of the trailer, the cowboys win. Also, it looks like seeing it would make me just that much dumber. It’s redeeming quality that put it on this list is that I get the feeling that after I walk out of the theatre, I will have an incredible argument as to why my previous claims are false that will only make sense to others who have seen the movie as well.

5: Limitless

This movie is mostly on this list because of its concept; also because of its brilliant ad campaign, but mostly because of the concept. The idea behind it is based on the concept that the human brain harnesses only 10% of its maximum capability at a time. Eddie Morra is a writer with a bit of an unlucky streak until he comes across a drug that will unlock his brain. He becomes rich and famous quite quickly, but as he begins to run out of the drug, his mind reacts in unexpected ways. I really like the idea of a movie based on unlocking your brain where the main character doesn’t suddenly have superpowers, and the idea that he would have withdrawals from the dug is a stroke of genius. This movie is going to be a fun one, if done right (i.e. focusing on the main characters perception of the world throughout, and not on the results of his perception).

Honorable Mentions:


Harry Potter 7 (Part 2)

Captain America: The First Avenger


Paranormal Activity 3

Little Pea

He was expected to be great, but not this soon.

This past summer, Manchester United signed Javier Hernández Balcázar, also known as Chicharito (which is “little pea” in English). His nickname comes from his father, who also was a professional soccer player, named Chicharo. The last three generations of his family have played for Chivas, a very impressive family tree.

United signed him at age 21, a young but very mature player. Chicha had been on the Mexican team that won the U-17 World Cup. He also scored two goals for Mexico in last summer’s world cup.

When he was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson, United fans were surprised. Chicha was not a well known player in England and although he had proven himself playing for Chivas (leading the Mexican Primera with 17 goals) he was not being hailed as a prodigy.

But as usual, Sir Alex Ferguson showed his brilliance. Chicha is the second leading scorer for Manchester United with 10 goals in the Premier League.

10 might not seem like a huge number but Chicha has only played in 20 games. Even more impressive, those 10 goals came off of only 37 shots, a very good rate.

In all competitions he has 29 goals in 80 games, an absolutely incredible record.

The EPL is very different from the Mexican Primera where Chicha was playing but he has adjusted beautifully. He is an exciting player to watch and is already showing leadership among some of the most famous players in the world.

In United’s most recent game against Marseille, Chicharito scored two goals, winning the game for United.

Manchester United's Javier Hernandez scores the opening goal

Chicha brings a Latino American soccer style, one that is flashy and exciting, to Manchester United. He looks to be an extremely promising player, a goal scorer and leader. With his skill, Manchester United has a lot better chance of winning games.

The Moment

One step forward.
Seven steps back.
The train is still moving,
But it’s running off the tracks.

One stunning truth.
Twelve useless lies.
We can never be trusted
If we can’t even try.

One real friend
And another with a knife.
They’ll stab you in the back
To take away your life.

One more day
‘Til your life begins.
Live in the moment,
This isn’t a game you can win.