Finally, my train is here

With the window to my next four years open and the endless possibility flows in like the rays of sun through a dark room, I ask myself, “what do I make of the previous three?”

Like many of my colleagues in their final year of high school, I too have had the fortune of anxiously tearing open a letter to read the words dedicated students wait to see since they began the process oh so many months before, “congratulations, you have been accepted.” At this moment, one may experience a leaping sensation in their heart as the rate increases.

Some may not be able to breathe or speak with excitement. The eyes may start to smart as tears of joy flow freely like persistent waterfalls and some may reveal a small grin while feeling their own sense of great emotion. Maybe you’ll jump maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll scream, maybe you’ll break into random song. Maybe you’ll hug the first person you see. For those of us in boarding school, the cell phone on your dresser drawer rings continuously for hours as family members and friends congratulate your impressive accomplishment. You try to take the moment in while at the same time you try to express yourself, and as you celebrate, you know that for the moment, the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

Today I’m another one of those lucky people. I’m a person who an institution of great prestige said “yes” to. 14,000 other hopeful applicants completed the process with me and the fact that I made it makes it that much sweeter. Did I mention that it’s my #1?

I came back from the Honors Ski Trip in Yosemite National Park to find an email telling me of my good fortune. The email was from the University of San Francisco. I can yammer on and on and on about each and every detail of the process and the story behind it like I usually do but however, this is not my prerogative.

The significance of this to me is that the chapter of my life lingers as I am about to turn the page. It is the feeling that you get when you’re waiting in a train station you hear your train coming down the tracks, and you think to yourself, “could it be? finally, in this moment, MY train has arrived.” Now it seems that all I have to do is step on. It is a new beginning taking me to destinations not yet treaded and not yet known and not just to San Francisco.

Times like now only add the incentive for me to count down the days until we as a senior class commence under the hot sun of an early June day to accept our diplomas. Yet I can’t help but think back on the past three years and question them, reminisce on them, ponder them, and to contemplate my exact emotions. I can’t say that I approve of all that’s gone down since I came to OVS as a 15-year-old, but for now, I try to stay away from senioritis, keep the grades up, and think about all the future holds while trying to live in the present. Still, it’s hard to keep your head in the moment when your mind’s a million miles away, or in this case, just up the state.

An Idol Falls

She was at the top of her game. When she stepped out onto the stage the audience roared with excitement, but most of all inspiration.

Christina Aguilera’s career started off at the top of charts with consecutive hit singles and

She began, at an early age, as a member of the world famous Mickey Mouse Club and blew everyone away with her “powerhouse” voice. Almost instantly her career built up to complete stardom. The Latina songstress caught everyone’s eye, or ear, when asked to sing the theme song for the 1998 Disney cartoon, Mulan and the publicity led to a successful debut album and suddenly she was the girl that everyone wanted and wanted to be.

After her fame had been set in stone she continued to come out with songs that blew our minds and wrenched our hearts. One album entitled Stripped featured poetic lyrics that reassured an unsure and self-conscious crowd of doubtful

Every time she opened her mouth the most beautiful, powerful sound came out.

Manchester United vs. Liverpool

On Sunday, March 6th, Manchester United faces Liverpool. This might sounds clichéd but this is the most important game of the season. That was said about the Chelsea game and it might prove to be true but I am hoping United can move on.

After the heart breaking loss to Chelsea last weekend, this is a key game. If United win, they have a chance to guarantee that they are 3 points clear of Arsenal. But Liverpool do worry me. They might have lost Torres but they gained Suarez who is a real danger.

There are 10 games left in the Premier League season and every week the pressure will rise. I still believe that it is a two horse race between Arsenal and United.

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The Extinction of Eastern Cougar

On March 2, the federal Fish and Wildlife Service removed the Eastern Cougar from the endangered species list to the extinct species list. Since 1973, the Eastern Cougar has been on the endangered species list. According to the record, the last time humans saw the Eastern Cougar is in Maine was in 1938. The Eastern Cougar’s habitat stretches from eastern Ontario and Michigan eastward to Maine and southward to Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri. However, they are such a ferocious animal which will threaten many domestic animals, so they are human’s hunting target. During the past 5 years, scientists cannot find any evidence which can show that the Cougar is in active, and the amount of their prey, deer, has largely increased. So many of the evidences have shown that the Eastern Cougar is extinct. In addition, one of the Eastern Cougar’s relative, Florida Panther, is also in danger too. there are only less than 100 of them left in the States, so the Fish and Wildlife Service has put this species under protection under the Endangered Species Act.null

I Promise.

I promise,
that this was never fake.
Don’t you wish that I
was forgotten in the wake.
I promise,
to leave you behind.
I promise,
to turn my eyes blind.
I promise,
to break my own heart.
I promise,
to stop at the start.

Cross my heart,
Hope to die,
Stick a needle in my eye.
Cross your heart,
Prepare to die,
Stick a needle through your lie!

I promise,
to learn to breathe again.
The line I’ve walked
has reached an end.
I promise,
that you won’t feel.
I promise,
that your heart won’t heal.
I promise,
that you’re the reason why.
I promise,
that I can never lie.

Cross. Your. Heart.

Don’t Talk About the Fight Club

Imagine a crowd of guys shouting and pumping their fists in the air, circled around a meaty, muscular goon and a buffed out Brad Pitt covered in sweat and blood. Now, imagine those same guys but a little bit shorter, with higher voices, and the [former] Justin Bieber haircut.

Moms all around the country are always bragging about how proud they are of their sons. “Oh! My boy is so smart! He makes me so proud. He makes so many good choices, he’s just so perfect!” Well, that may not be the case in Tacoma, Washington. Nine proud mothers discovered that their “perfect” little boys were not so flawless after all.

Sure! You should absolutely be proud of your kid if he knows how to defend himself physically. You don’t want your kid to get hurt do you? But, maybe it’s not so impressive when he’s bashing another kid’s brains out.

Recently nine pre-teen boys were expelled from their school because they were part of their very own Brad Pitt flick. Oh, and I would just like to emphasize the words “pre” and “teen”. Seriously, these guys are in sixth grade! Anyway, these nine prepubescent middle schoolers decided it would be cool to start a fight club. Underground gatherings, secret membership, blood, sweat, and soap, the whole shabang.

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The New Ipad


Since the iPad 1 was released in 2010, 14.79 million of the tablets have been sold. On March 2, 2011, Steve Jobs returned from medical leave to introduce the new iPad, iPad 2.

The new iPad is a thinner, lighter, and faster version of the old one, but it will sell at the same prices as the original models. The iPad 2 includes a front and back camera, which the people are allowed to have video chat.

It will be available on March 11, and the prices will range from 499 dollars to 829 dollars. Despite his health condition, Mr. Jobs still show up to introduce the new item because he strongly believes that iPad is Apple’s future. “We’ve been working on this product for a while and I just didn’t want to miss today,” he said.

Although companies like Samsung, Dell, Motorola have also introduced rival tablets, they are not able to match the iPad’s pricing. For example, the Motorola Xoom costs 800 dollars, and The Samsung Galaxy Tab is available for 500 dollars, but it is way smaller than the iPad. So Mr. Jobs believes that the new ipad will still be the leading tablet computer in the future.