For my second driving experience, I was scared to drive from LA to Ojai.

My fear was not within the moment I entered seemingly endless and bloody competitive 101 freeway near Hollywood on Sunday, but with the thought of roadkill.

Neither words nor pictures can vividly describe my abhorrence and regret for the sights of remaining parts of helpless and lifeless animals on the roads.

During my first experience of driving, I had almost crashed my car against a mountainside due to two squirrels popping out of who-knows-where.

I know their lives are important. But please, my life is important too.

As much as I could, I want to save them and avoid harming them.

Thank Buddha, Allah, God, Jesus, and all other supernatural forces.

I did not end any innocent life, but just observed many. I mean six, all in one trip.

After my successful drive for two hours, I now lay with unavoidable exhaustion. But, my fingers and some parts of my brain remain active enough to google “how to avoid roadkill.”

And here is what I have found.

Reduce the speed and drive less.

These solutions being great help, I now lay not only weary but also hopeless.