My Music

I love music, all kinds of music, and yes I even love country.  In fact, when driving up to OVS in the mornings, I listen to the highway country station on sirius.  Oddly enough, most recently I have been cycling between classic rock and dub step.

On the classical side, bands such as Van Halen, Rainbow, and Guns and roses. And of course guys like Bruce Springsteen and Brian Adams.  Now I believe that there is a type of music for every situation.  For instance, my classic rock playlist is only used for driving longer distances, usually alone.  Classic rock has a way of just flowing and it passes time really quickly.

BUT when the weekend hits and all the boys squish into someones much to small car, its time for LMFAO, Hyper Crush and BassNector.  Now these bands are what really get the party started.  Heavy Bass and sounds that most adults probably cant even hear anymore.  Most adults also say this is bad music because of the subliminal messages of drugs and alcohol, buts its no worse then anything else.  Point of fact: I LOVE DUBSTEP. And I totally have a crush on the girl from Hyper Crush

Feral Child

A seven-year-old boy chirps on the hands of rescuers when they were trying to liberate him from an aviary cage filled with birds.

Until this rescue, he had not been taken out of the cage, never. His mother, who despised her unintentional birth to her son, hid him in the cage and treated as if he was her abandoned, heartless pet. Since the day of prison, he was fed as a bird, raised by them, and thus, behaved like a bird. When he was rescued, he violently moved his arms high up and down, making futile attempts to fly.

He is not the only victim. Many cases of feral children, who are abandoned to spend childhood with wild animals without human contact, appear each year. From 1920 in India to today, about 80 children were discovered with animal parents.

Once they are discovered, they are sent to learn about values and customs of the real world and their identities as human beings, not as untamed animals.

Despite these efforts, these feral children unusually fail to live a long lifespan. They often die within ten years of their rescue. The causes vary from high stress level to suicide attempts.

And, they always attempt to return to their previously horrendous living conditions.

On the other hand, John Ssebunya the “Monkey Boy,” who was raised by monkeys in the Ugandan jungles after running away from his father’s murdering scene with his mother at age of four, now speaks in a human language and even sings in an African choir.

Although fascinating, sadly, humans raised by wild animals is no longer a legend like the one of Romulus and Remus descended from the fourth century BC. It is now the true and bitter reality where parents desert their children with complete ignorance.



Razorlight are an indie rock band from England. Famed for the track “America,” the group formed in 2002. Lead by quirky lead singer Johnny Borell, the 4-piece band has both character and charm. Some even compare the group to The Who.

Setting out by practicing in a decaying factory, the four-piece band has gone on to achieve great things. The group’s first album, “Up all night” debuted in 2004, wreaking much success and coming 3rd in the UK album charts.

After a two-year break, in 2006, the band released their second album, “Razorlight.” The second album was much improved and the songs were catchy, different and alternate, consequently leading it to achieve #1 in the charts.

As the band moved up higher in the charts their music progressed greatly, sounding better and better. Their popularity grew as they gained more recognition and in 2007 the band were nominated for two BRIT Awards. These included Best British band and Best Song for their single, “America“.

In 2008 the band released their next album “Slipway fires.” The album was more soulful and heartfelt compared to the previous albums but it still contained the passion that had led to their success.

Razorlight are a great band, their music is unique and fun, and  with a character like Johnny Borell  as the front man the band can really do no harm.

Give them a listen!

Sky High

Ok so for those of you that don’t know, Sky High is a trampoline gym in Camarillo.  There is a giant court where the entire floor is trampolines and all the walls have trampolines on them as well.  They have a foam pit as well that you jump into and, my favorite of all, TRAMPOLINE DODGEBALL!

Now I think Sky High is one of the coolest places in the area.  For me, I go to Sky High about five times a week.  Two days to work and the other days to jump.  I think everyone should go atleast once and see whats its all about, because let me tell you, it is FUN.

Its also any age appropriate.  We have a separate room for kids under eight, with all the same things as the main room, and a parents lounge where you can watch TV or one of the courts to watch your kid jump around.


The lakers did it again. They managed to lose to the New Orleans Hornets to tie the first round of the playoffs at 2-2.


The Lakers all ways manage to have it easy, and just cruise into the finals where they either win or lose. But the Lakers got EXACTLY what they did not want today, a real struggle in the playoffs. The loss secured at least one more trip back to the Hornets home stadium.

The Lakers looked sloppy today. They were un-energetic  and looked tired throughout the entire game. But they really fell apart in the 4th quarter. They let Chris Paul get a triple double with 27 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds, while Gasol and Artest had 16.

Kobe had a terrible game, scoring 17 points overall. He even went scoreless in the first half, giving Chris Paul the opportunity he needed to put his team ahead. Kobe even missed a technical foul shot making him 0 for 7 in the first half.

This loss gives the Hornets a fighting chance to move on. The Lakers need to win at home, then end the series in 6 games at New Orleans. It would be confidence crushing for the team if they had to go to 7 games in the first round.

I still believe that the Lakers will still move on to the next round. The only matter that is in question is how tired and confident they will be moving into the next round. If I had one thing to say to the Lakers it would be that it will only get harder.

One Man v. A Row of Tanks

As I was working on my second Decades Paper for my history class, the dusty shelves in the memory department of my brain were revisited. My eyes fell upon a small paragraph, containing information that I would have probably just skimmed over had it not sparked something in the murky abyss of my memories. Two words reminded me of the struggles of countless students and even more so of one brave civilian who decided he had enough.

Tiananmen Square, 1989.

Students, mothers, fathers. Civilians alike banded together in the name of political reform. They had just lost a leader and strong liberalization advocate, Hu Yaobang, and felt it was in their hands to fight for the changes they wanted to see. And fight they did.

Through mainly non-violent protests, more and more people joined the cause for a more liberal government. However, the communist government fought back, mercilessly.

Buildings were on fire. Rubble and debris littered the floor. Many civilian lives were lost. However, throughout this fear for the government and citizen lives, one man refused to back down. One ordinary man who did an extraordinary act.

This is a video of the man who courageously stopped a row of tanks.

It’s quite breathtaking. To have the strength to go alone in front of tanks that can crush the human body in a matter of seconds.

Silently, I scolded myself for having let the dust collect over such a power event in those shelves of mine. So I decided to blog about this single event. This event happened 21 years ago, way before I was even born. I had almost forgotten this important moment as I am sure many other who will read this blog have as well. I am writing this blog to remind people that such bravery exists in today’s society and to inspire those who have never heard of this man-whose name I don’t even know-that stood against the row of tanks.

To learn more about this event watch the following video:

The Blood Man

In Australia, Joe Mannana plans to make a trip to donate his blood.

What is so interesting about this man?

First, he is 79-year-old.

Second, he has donated his blood over 1000 times during 36 years.

Last, he has saved over 20,000 lives of infants and mothers.

Born with RH- A blood type that can also be replaced with RH+ A blood type, he indeed is a rare man with mutant but precious blood.

He began this donation marathon after he survived a difficult surgery that demanded a special blood like his. However, the doctors later realized that the operation proceeded successfully even after wrong type of blood had been transfused into his body. Since then, he decided to save other lives and contribute to the medical experiments.

Even though he has already been marked as a significant benefactor of the medical field, he continues to incessantly donate every possible drop of his blood.

Music Map

Here I go again. Posting yet another music related post.

Do you guys ever get sick of listening to the same music?

Is the school’s internet too slow to host pandora or fm radio? Well I’ve got a good website for you!

This wonderful website allows you to type in the name of an artist and gives you names to plenty of others just like it.

You don’t have to go to Pandora and sit through all the songs until you find a few that you like. You don’t have to listen to the radio and figure out which songs you like. Now you can just type in the name of an artist and find plenty of others just like it.

I honestly sound like an internet advertisement, but that’s okay. I’m fine with that as long as I get the message across. You all should definitely check it out.


Foals are an indie rock band from Oxford, England. Debuting in 2008 with their first album “Antidotes“, the band went on to releasing their second album, ”Total life forever” which was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize.

Their first album gained much success coming third in the UK album charts. Full of drumbeats and fast tempos the songs put the listener in a happy mood. Aimed at the indie scene the album emits the sense of summer frivolity and fun. With strong lyrics and pulsing melodies, the album makes a stand against the typical music one would classify as indie. Incorporating a range of instruments, the music stands out with its guitar rifts and use of the occasional synth.

“Red Sock Pugie,” the third track from the first album, “Antidotes“.

In comparison “Total life forever” is a mellower album focusing more on the vocals than on fast rhythms and tempos. Soothing, relaxing and calming the album allows the listener to unwind through the 25 tracks. Although still including the famous drumbeats the songs have a more peaceful nature, perfect for a car journey through the countryside.

The contrast of albums shows how over the years the band has developed. Unlike many bands that focus on the same “fail safe” sound they experiment using different tones, instruments and vocals.

Foals are a great band that, I’d recommend anyone to listen to.

Blue Blood,” the opening track from the second album, “Total life Forever“.

Israelis shot attempting to enter holy site

The fighting is seemingly endless and without any reason.  Seven hours ago, in Israel, the Palestinian Authority opened fire on three civilian vehicles heading towards the tomb of Joseph near Nablus.  three men were wounded and one, Ben-Joseph Livnat, a 25-year-old father of four and nephew of Culture and Science Minister Limor Livnat, was killed.

This holy site is controlled by the PA and Israeli citizen are only allowed to visit once a month, yet there is still no justification for murder.  The vehicles were not driving suspiciously or disobeying the law.

The official statement from the PA is that the soldiers fired into the air as a warning, and then just happened to fire automatic rifles into three cars full of people.  The victims were not soldiers, they were ultra orthodox pilgrims, on a peaceful pilgrimage to pray. Ben Joseph Livnat was a simple religious man, and he was killed for following his religion.