Driving: I can drive.

Thumbs Up

So far I have gradually been progressing through the processes of learning to drive. Ok I may have been a bit slow but I really am starting to get there and accomplish something.

The last few times I haven’t even stalled, and using the clutch has become second nature to me. Don’t get me wrong I still make mistakes but that’s only natural, I mean my Mum is 43 and she still makes mistakes on a weekly basis.

Seeing my improvement my dad gave me the task of driving to LAX to greet my Sister and Nan at the airport. Little did he know what he had let himself in for.

No I was not a dreadful driver, in fact I did pretty well. Apart from stalling twice at the end of my road I successfully completed the journey in one piece.

Ok I must admit that I did struggle with staying in a straight line a couple of times, but thankfully under the watchful gaze of my father I managed to master the steering.

After completing the journey to LAX successfully, I now believe I am entitled to say, I can drive.