Definitely, Maybe

Ever since my junior year I have been absolutely in love with one movie in particular: Definitely, Maybe.

Not only is Ryan Reynolds extremely good-looking, but the story line itself consists of a mixture of classic love stories and utter reality.

It begins with a man whose current divorce leads his daughter to question his past love lovers. He begins with his college sweetheart and ends with discovering the love of his life in the one that was right under his nose.

I think I love it so much because it is so relatable. Mostly everyone will have numerous loves in our life time. We may discover them in close friends, reignite old flames, and find out that we can love someone even more than we imagined.

I am definitely a hopeless romantic, and I do hope that just like the main character I will be able to discover love through different scenery, different experiences, and the inevitable trial-and-error.


With the Nuggets snapping the Lakers’ win streak, and the Spurs breaking their losing streak in today’s game against the Suns, the next few games will be very important to the Western Conference.

The Lakers are currently 2.5 games behind the Spurs. Coincidentally, that is the same number of games that the Celtics are trailing behind the Bulls in the East. The next games will decide which teams will be in first place in both of the conferences.

But do the Lakers really want to be in first? If they were to clinch the first place seat in the West, then in the finals they most likely would have to play the  Thunder in a playoff round. I’m not sure whether or not the Lakers could pull that off. Last year they were very close to eliminating us in the first round. They are too fast and too good of shooters to play against. I would rather stay in second place and play the Mavericks.

Moving to the East, I think that the Bulls have a very good chance of making it to the finals. They have the potential to beat the Celtics and advance. The Bulls play a very team oriented game. They do not reply on one player to win all of their games. One player with a lot of potential is Omar Asik. The bench center from Turkey may become a very good player.

The final question is who will play in the finals. In the west in will definitely be the Lakers. But in the East, it could be either the Bulls or Celtics. We will soon see, as the season is coming to an end.


Yesterday was the big huzzah. It was the day that would determine the fate of my summer. Yesterday, Thursday, March 31st, 2011, was the day I had been waiting for. And it was nothing short of disappointing.

I was home sick yesterday, but I still remembered, the moment I woke up from my slumber, to check my SAT scores. It only made my condition worse.

The screen read 650-reading, 670-math, and 620-writing. Goodness, it seemed as if my previous summer had been a waste. I had spent two months of pure studying for this one test and I had gotten a 1940. The colleges that I am hoping to get into require over a 2000.

I did remind myself, however, that I was sick that Saturday I took the test and the week following up to it. But a 1940? That is no exception.

I haven’t told my mom my score yet because I am afraid for her reaction. This summer, before taking my first SAT prep class, my diagnostic grade had been in the low 1900’s. My mom was very disappointed in me and I know that she will still be disappointed in my score if I tell her that after two months of sending me to classes, I have arrived at a almost identical score.

My goal for the SAT’s is a 2100. A 700 in critical reading, a 700 in math, and a 700 in writing. I know this is attainable because my scores (650, 670, 620) are not too far from my goal. But sadly, I will have to spend my summer not at the beach and having fun, but in a cold, isolated classroom, shoving hundreds of vocabulary words into my head in SAT classes. Oh goody, I just CAN’T WAIT!

My Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Today, I, along with 8 other students, ventured out (Haha get it? Ventured out as in…venture van?) to Long Beach and visited the Aquarium of the Pacific.

It was a long and tiring van ride. For almost 3 hours, I was dealing with the bumps and turns of the 101 until, finally, we filed out of the white container on wheels and breathed fresh air.

It wasn’t my first time at the Aquarium of the Pacific-I had been there a few years ago. However, it was Kai’s first time there. Together, we looked through tanks full of leafy seahorses and venomous stonefish as well as the egg cases of bamboo shark and clown fish (better known as the “Nemo” fish).

At first, I did not expect to have such a fun time. I had forgotten how fun aquariums could be. It had been almost 2 years since I have been to one, when I had taken oceanology class in Carlsbad for a month at the Academy by the Sea.

Anyhow, the day turned out to be one of the best in a while. Kai bought me a souvenir stuffed seahorse although I’m pretty sure that there are no such pink and orange striped seahorses that live in the ocean.

Overall, the day was great but I had this strange feeling that hovered over me since last Wednesday. I have been feeling very light headed lately, like I have been blowing a billion balloons. Oh well.

Sweet Dreams Please!

I really wish I could have those amazing dreams about happy things like love and fairy tales.
You know those dreams where you wake up and you’re like “No! No! No! I want to keep dreaming!”

I want that!

Instead I am left to dream about creepy things like getting weird diseases, being kidnapped by strangers, and even clips from horror movies that I know I should have never watched.
And on the best of nights I find myself running for long periods of time in search of my cellphone or my lost set of keys.

I mean, really?

I just want one good dream. Isn’t that the point? Isn’t it supposed to be the one time of day when you aren’t faced with reality and instead can create images of love and happiness?

And so I researched it.
Apparently it is my stress and anxiety that leads to these undesirable dreams.
But it’s not fair! : (

Doesn’t more stress deserve better dreams?

Ugh, whatever, stupid!

I guess I will just have to relieve my stress in order to have better dreams…mm nevermind that’s not going to happen.

But instead I will stick to the plan of imaging marshmallows and kittens before I go to sleep, and I will be definitely stay away from those scary movies!

God Bless America

Rolling Stone Magazine is the kind of reading that gets me excited about news. I love discovering new types of music and reading all the hilariously uncensored articles. But, recently in the latest issue a new, unsettling story was brought to my attention. I wish it had been censored.

Turns out that fighting for your country and what you believe in is not so glamorous after all. We have all this propaganda out there advertising how special it is to go to Iraq or Afghanistan and defend our precious America. Here’s my problem: while I am proud to live in a country where I am essentially free to do whatever I want and I can be free to be a woman who is not ashamed of my gender, I am ashamed of is this idiotic brain-wash belief that as Americans, we are superior to all races and all nations, meaning that we are allowed to take matters into our own hands and “lay down the law”.

Not okay!

Pictures were just released of a group of American soldiers who decided that the “American way” of fighting a war wasn’t eliminating the enemy and saving innocents, but killing and decimating any and all foreign creatures, even children, who got in their way. They depicted morbid scenes; dead bodies, a severed head, and a smiling platoon-member posing while lifting the lifeless face of an unidentified corpse.

“They were greeted by…destitute Afghan farmers living without electricity or running water; bearded men with poor teeth in tattered traditional clothes; young kids eager for candy and money.” (Mark BoalRolling Stone Magazine)

They didn’t care. They mutilated bodies of young men, unarmed and unaware of what they did wrong. Families who wanted liberation instead got bullets. In the article it describes how one of their victims was dragged across the desert from the back of one of their vehicles. There was even talk of how they planned to lure in children with candy and kill them as they ran in to collect it. It’s sickening.

It didn’t matter who the victims were. It didn’t matter how innocent they were or even if they looked to these men for protection. These “soldiers” killed everyone and they liked it.

The worst part about this story is obviously the lives that were taken long before their time, but it is also the fact that the people that took those lives are the very people that this entire country has trusted to take on the responsibility of keeping us safe. These men are not soldiers. They are not heroes. They are not worthy of being labelled as “Americans” because that is not what America stands for. We stand for freedom. These men are murders.

With Piercing Blue Eyes

This is the story

Of a pitcher named “Ry”

Armed with a fastball

And Two Piercing Blue Eyes

Last Saturday he

Faced a good Thacher team

Winning that game was a feat

That haunted his dreams

The morning was rough

Lap labor made him protest

“My arm is in pain” he said

“And I need badly to rest”

But when the game started

He felt right at home

He was the king of his palace

The mound was his throne

Who should feel all his malice

From a morning well spent

The baseball Toads of Thacher

Here’s how the game went

After a first inning

In which two runs were allowed

Ry found his cool groove

He had set-tled down

With Min and Cameron

With Barrett and Cole

The OVS Spuds

Put the Toads in a hole

A 5 run third inning

Made them feel they could fly

The Spuds were pumped up

Especially Ry

He threw fastballs and curves

Struck out guy after guy

Toad after Toad and seeing the zone

With his deadly and piercing blue eyes

When the carnage was over

Ojai won 12-5

The next game is on Wednesday

Yours Truly,



T-minus 61 days. That means we have about two months left of this school year.

Excuse my improper spelling, grammar, and exclamation, but this is pretty big deal.

I’ve been at this school for five years. Some have been here for thirteen of more. It’s crazy to think that it all has boiled down to these last few weeks. All 27 of us, (hopefully we’ll stay at 27) will be moving in each and every different direction, down our own roads, to new and wonderful lives.

We should all end on a good note, right?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel as if there is far too much tension between us. Why is that exactly? Can’t we all just look past that and think, “Hey! We’re almost done with this year! We should just relax and finish this year with class and with relaxation!”

We have students going to Wesleyan, UC Berkeley, Chapman, and UW. Shouldn’t we all be proud of our friends? It’s pretty big deal to get into colleges such as these whether we chose to believe it or not. Just because we watch it happen every year doesn’t mean that it happens to the collective population outside of our school?

Can’t we unify as one? We still have enough time to really appreciate these people one last time. All these people we’ve known for years will soon be out of our lives with the blink of an eye. I’m sure you’re thinking “I’m glad! I can’t wait to get out of here!” But once you’re actually gone, you’re going to miss it. I know that I’ll miss it.