God Bless America

Rolling Stone Magazine is the kind of reading that gets me excited about news. I love discovering new types of music and reading all the hilariously uncensored articles. But, recently in the latest issue a new, unsettling story was brought to my attention. I wish it had been censored.

Turns out that fighting for your country and what you believe in is not so glamorous after all. We have all this propaganda out there advertising how special it is to go to Iraq or Afghanistan and defend our precious America. Here’s my problem: while I am proud to live in a country where I am essentially free to do whatever I want and I can be free to be a woman who is not ashamed of my gender, I am ashamed of is this idiotic brain-wash belief that as Americans, we are superior to all races and all nations, meaning that we are allowed to take matters into our own hands and “lay down the law”.

Not okay!

Pictures were just released of a group of American soldiers who decided that the “American way” of fighting a war wasn’t eliminating the enemy and saving innocents, but killing and decimating any and all foreign creatures, even children, who got in their way. They depicted morbid scenes; dead bodies, a severed head, and a smiling platoon-member posing while lifting the lifeless face of an unidentified corpse.

“They were greeted by…destitute Afghan farmers living without electricity or running water; bearded men with poor teeth in tattered traditional clothes; young kids eager for candy and money.” (Mark BoalRolling Stone Magazine)

They didn’t care. They mutilated bodies of young men, unarmed and unaware of what they did wrong. Families who wanted liberation instead got bullets. In the article it describes how one of their victims was dragged across the desert from the back of one of their vehicles. There was even talk of how they planned to lure in children with candy and kill them as they ran in to collect it. It’s sickening.

It didn’t matter who the victims were. It didn’t matter how innocent they were or even if they looked to these men for protection. These “soldiers” killed everyone and they liked it.

The worst part about this story is obviously the lives that were taken long before their time, but it is also the fact that the people that took those lives are the very people that this entire country has trusted to take on the responsibility of keeping us safe. These men are not soldiers. They are not heroes. They are not worthy of being labelled as “Americans” because that is not what America stands for. We stand for freedom. These men are murders.

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