Red Over Blue

In the “blind draw,” Manchester united selected Chelsea as their opponents in the Champions League. Today was the first of two games for a place in the semi finals.

Manchester United got off to a great start with a beautiful goal from Wayne Rooney. Carrick hit a great ball to Giggs who took a great touch and hit it to Rooney who finished it nicely.

Wayne Rooney scores the opening goal against Chelsea

That goal gave United a 1-0 victory. The game was at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea, so winning the game for United was a big deal.

In the Champions League, an away goal counts as two goals if the team to advance has to be decided by number of goals. Not only is that a factor, but for United, playing at home is easier than having to travel in to the den of their enemies (shocking).

United have a very tough schedule ahead of them due to the fact that they are still in three tournaments. They have to play games for the FA Cup, the Premier League and the Champions League.

The face Manchester City in the FA Cup and Chelsea one more time next week for the Champions League. Adding to that are games every weekend against strong opponents who look to keep United from winning their 19th League title.

I look forward to the rest of the (so far very good) season.


Tomorrow night I will be somewhere in Ventura living out the last hurrah of my senior year.

I honestly cannot wait. We’ve waited four years to finally have a dance dedicated to us and not have to ride on the bus to the site and back.

The juniors have spent weeks planning this event for us and have really tried to make us happy. I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

It has all built up till the final moment. As seniors, it is out opportunity to enjoy what has been planned for us and to share the experience with others. We should honestly just have a good time and forget that some of us don’t get along.

I propose that tomorrow, we leave all of our preconceived assumption about prom and all our negativity behind. Let’s enjoy our last prom with class, please. It’d be lovely to thoroughly enjoy this moment.

I went on an adventure which took me from Ojai to Topanga and everywhere between. One of my best friends prom dress never came in the mail, so with my aunts help, we spent seven and a half hours in search of the perfect dress. It’s people like us that actually care about prom, where as most don’t. It’s supposed to be a memorable experience that is shared between classmates, and our adventure today really reminded me of that.

We are one class, sharing one experience that will forever be remembered. Let’s make it the best we can.

Nerd Rant.

I’m totally bias.
100% bias.
For realz, yo.

Before I start this, I must let something out to some of those curious readers out there: I am a nerd. But no! Not just any nerd. I am the worst type of nerd.

I am a Harry Potter nerd.


Dear Stephanie Meyer,

He’ll always be Cedric Diggory to me.

You may have created Edward Cullen with his sparkly sparkles of sparkliness and his lurking on a girl way to young for him (pedophilia, much?) and I KNOW you didn’t specifically ask for Robert Pattinson to play Edward Cullen, but really.

I mean, he went from “Hey Harry, I know we’re totally supposed to be rivals ’cause we’re in this life-threatening tournament of doom and evil-doers but I still think you’re pretty great so I’m gonna let you in on some secrets and totally save your life so you can be at least somewhat prepared for the tasks ahead of as, and hey, you know what? Let’s just win this tournament together, I mean we’re from the same school we could totally just do this for Hogwarts and be the BEST THINGS EVER! And, oh wait, I’m just gonna go die, but don’t worry, I’ll become a ghost for a couple of seconds, and I forgive you for surviving and letting me die and all that jazz, just take me back to my dad, it’s chill.”


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Glenn Beck, the Anti-Elitist.

America, we will remember this day. Write it down, Wednesday, April 6th, 2011. This is the day that America’s greatest idiot finally got his  show taken off the air. Glenn Beck has finally been removed from television.

Let’s look back at one of Beck’s blunders.

Glenn Beck is the moronic dunce that cries at the drop of a hat. Beck once cried when he was grossly misinformed about the happenings at the Boston harbor on December 16th, 1773. Beck was under the impression that the “patriotic” American colonists were symbolically  protesting the “elitist” British Government’s rise on taxes. Beck also believed that the British were comparable to the modern day Liberals.

Ok, where to begin? First of all, Mr. Beck, the colonists were not protesting the British taxes as much as they were protesting the monopoly the British had given to the East India Trading Company. Secondly, the Liberals of today are raising taxes to lift the USofA out of it’s trillions of dollars of debt (thank you Reagan). The British were heavily taxing paper, and other miniscule things. For you, Mr. Beck, to even attempt to compare the poor governing of the British in the 18th century to Obama and those Liberal elitists, is so ridiculous, that it baffles me to think that you have your own show. Oh, I’m sorry, HAD your own show. Even the corporate giant FOX News has realized how stupid you are.

Finally, I would just like to point out the irony that you are being fired for not knowing how to perform your job well enough, when you constantly call out elitists.  An elitist is not a bad thing, Mr. Beck. Hell, you don’t even have to be an elitist to have your own show. Just show some intelligence.  However, if you were an elitist, then you would still have a job. Isn’t life funny?