Two Cups Left

Although I have been in deep denial over the subject of Manchester United getting knocked out of the FA Cup, I feel that I must now acknowledge it.

Over the last weekend, United came to a pathetic halt to Manchester City. Yes, we lost to the men in powder blue.

It was an embarrassing display by United, but I really cannot blame them. I am not trying to make excuses but they have played so many games this season (losing VERY few of them) that by this point they are bound to slip up.

David Platt plays peacemaker as Anderson and Balotelli boil over at Wembley

As I had said in previous writing, I did not expect them to win the treble (though I was very much hoping for it). United still have to beat Schalke in the tie for the Chapions League and hold off Arsenal for the League title.

After the very interesting and to be honest, weird draw between Arsenal and Liverpool, United’s shot at their 19th League title looks good. They cannot become to complacent but as long as they keep cool heads they should win it.

The Champions League games are a totally different story. I admit that I do not know much about Schalke except that they are playing fantastic right now and they have a great goalkeeper in Neuer. Even if United can beat them, I worry that United does not have what it takes to beat either Barca or Real Madrid.

Paul Scholes

However, Fergie and the boys always have a few tricks up their sleeves, especially when it comes to the Champions League. Manchester United’s season is getting very interesting now.