Nerdy Tip About College Admissions

Here is a nerdy tip about college admissions.

Do not hope.

This advice could sound absurd. But, it helps.

There are tons of books in bookstores and advice from college counselors, websites, and people with experiences about “how to get into (your epitome college).”

The ultimate truth is, no one knows. Of course, the admissions will look into your essays, grades, recommendations, and resume. But, luck also plays a crucial role and you do not know what kind of tastes your application reviewers will hold on the tip of their tongues. In the end, your admission is unpredictable.

So, I recommend anyone who cares about colleges to work. Work as if your admission is not guaranteed to any college.

Be hopeless. Be desperate. That is the only way to survive in the bloody competitive world of college admissions.


shh…promise not to tell!

Woah. Two years.

Sounds like a long time.It is a long time. But I don’t know why, it doesn’t feel like a long time. Time doesn’t exist or really matter when I am with him.

Two years ago, on the 29th of this month, a much younger, braces-clad me was asked out by my current boyfriend. We both have grown so much since that day and learned so much about each other. Tomorrow, 24 hours from today, we will be hitting our 2 year milestone.

This is a big deal; neither one of us have been in a relationship this long and with the impending graduation coming closer each day, I want to make sure that tomorrow will be a special day, a memorable day that he can look back on after he walks the cobblestone stage.

I plan on making him a scavenger hunt. A series of six clues that lead him to me. I will tell him that I can’t see him because I am busy studying for the upcoming AP’s and that I am so sorry that I can’t see him on our anniversary. Then, his friends will make sure he doesn’t eat dinner or leave the vicinity of his room. He will find his first clue which will come with a rice krispies treat that I made in the shape of a letter. After finding all the clues, the rice krispies will reveal my location and he will meet me there to find a dinner made from scratch!

It’s not much, just a few pieces of paper and time spent putting a few ingredients together. But they say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If he likes it, then that’ll be the best thing!

Just Ridiculous

I have seen some absolutely bizarre things in the world of football but this may take the cake.

Dutch club VVV Venlo announced that it has signed an 18 month-old boy by the name of Baerke van der Meij. Yes I did say 18 months, that is not a joke.

I have heard of clubs signing 11 year olds and I was shocked by that, but a toddler? It seems that it is a joke.

Quite possibly it is just a publicity stunt. Venlo is not paying the kids family much money but it gets the team’s name out in to the football media.

VVV Venlo’s basis for signing the youngster (and I MEAN youngster) was off a youtube video that shows the little Dutchman kicking balls in to his toy chest. I am not sure this is the most conventional of signing techniques but only time will tell.

Meij was signed to a 10 year contract, which in most cases is a very long contract. However this one only keeps him until he is 11.

I still can’t get over getting on Soccernet in the morning and reading this (full article in link), “Van der Meij, 1, has been signed up by his local side on a symbolic ten-year professional contract but despite the club currently battling against relegation from Dutch football’s top-tier, it’s not thought he will be thrown into the action any time soon.”

Obviously Soccernet thinks it is somewhat of a joke as well. The caption under the photo reads, “Baerke van der Meij celebrated signing his ten-year contract with a glass of orange juice.”

I hope Meij the best of luck!

Nobody Likes Nicholas Cage

At least no one that I’ve ever met does.

Recently a video of Cage arguing with his wife has unveiled and apparently he’s been arrested.

The article states that Cage was arrested while arguing with his wife, extremely intoxicated, and pretty mush having a hissy fit.

In all honesty Nicholas Cage isn’t even a good actor and seems to ruin every movie that he’s in. He’s been around of ages and has only been nominated for a few awards and has hardly actually won any. I don’t understand why the keep asking him to be in movies! It’s ridiculous.

I mean just look at him freak out.

In all honesty that doesn’t look like good acting to me. It does look pretty embarrassing though. He kind of looks like a wet cat. Not to mention every time he comes out on the screen or starts going on one of his emotional rants, my friends and I can’t help but hold in out laughter.

I’m sorry if you do actually like Nicholas Cage, but I am definitely not a fan.

Nerd Rant, Part III

Before I begin this segment of Nerd Rant, I must issue a “formal” apology to all of my musicians out there:


Well, now that you all probably think I got addicted to some kind of drug… I AM!

My dear friends and odd stranger, I, TheyCallMeDame, am addicted to Glee.

I am a Gleek.

The thing is, Glee goes against all of my principles as a musician and especially as a proud vocalist. They take the best singers and rarely ever give them solos, and the people they do give solos, they are so autotuned that the music producer adds synthesizer to disguise the robot-on-crack sound that autotune gives a singer when they hold a note for too long or slide from one note to another (or you could be like Rebecca Black and use so much autotune that no one can tell what her real voice sounds like, except that it is extremely nasally).

But yes! I have been roped in.

Even though I get insulted when they cover brilliant songs and butcher them completely, totally making me want to cry, I still can’t stop watching.

As a musician, I am ashamed to call myself a Gleek (BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF).
And the plot lines are so cheesy and the drama is slightly predictable but what’s a girl to do?

So, I’m sorry to my musician friends, and I’m sorry to my mom, who patiently watches all the episodes with me so I “don’t feel too bad.”
And I’m sorry, but I’m a Gleek.
For real.

This segment of Nerd Rant has come to a close; please stand by.