Just a Sweet Memory: circa 2001

The basket is full to the brim with the most gorgeous peaches ever. I choose the fattest one and rub my fingers over its fuzzy hide. I feel its weight in my hands as I carry it over to the sink where she’s waiting.

She clasps the paring knife with an unsteady hand and goes to work slowly but surely. You never saw a peach so perfectly peeled. A smooth slice down the middle and I watch as a little river of sticky sweet juice runs down all the way to her elbows. Half for me. Half for her.

We eat standing at the sink in simple silence and just look at each other. Her face round and sweet, lined and creased like a molasses crinkle cookie. Her lips are painted a rosy pink and they curl into a smile as she watches me watching her. I smile back shyly.

“What are you smiling about? Hmm?” she chuckles, “Was your peach yummy?” I nod my head and stand on my tippy toes to get my hands rinsed. She takes my little hands in hers and runs them under the cool water. Her hands are old tree roots, gnarled and knotty; they’re slightly stiff and speckled with sun spots. I wonder about all the things they’ve done. All the hands they’ve shook, all the things they’ve picked up and admired, even all the peaches they’ve sliced. My hands look like plain white paper next to hers. I want hands like that someday, hands with good stories.

She dries her hands with an old green and white gingham towel and takes a step back.

“Let me see you doll,” she says. I stand up a little straighter. “Well gosh;” she says throwing the towel down, “you’re so darn cute I could just eat you all up!” She pulls me to her and covers me in kisses and tickles me until I’m laughing so hard I can hardly breathe.

“I love you grandma,” I say through giggles.

“I sure love you too doll,” she says smiling at me.

Super Blues

One of the greatest and most influential genres in music is the blues. The blues gave way to rock, pop and even metal. The world will remember many great blues musicians, but there are several that will be held in a higher regard than others. Some of these musicians got together in 1967 and made one of the greatest blues album of all time. That album was called Super Blues.

Super Blues was an album created by some of the Blues best, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Bo Diddley and Otis Spann. Just those names alone should make someone need to have the album.

Muddy Waters is arguably one of the best Blues singer ever. His performance of I’m a Man at the Last Watlz is amazing.

When one thinks of great blues guitar players, BB King and Bo Diddley are at the top. Bo Diddley makes the album with his great playing.

Otis Spann and Little Walter are the soul of the album. Otis Spann manipulates the piano to make it sound like it was made to play the blues. Little Walter can somehow make an album great just by playing his harmonica.

This could easily be in the top ten list of great blues albums. The combined talent of the four greats is very unique, and very amazing.

One year older, four teeth less wise.

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It’s Sunday night. School begins again tomorrow, and the weekend is done.

This statement both reassures me and makes me a little upset. To tell the truth, it’s not schoolwork or the fact that I have to wake up early, it’s that my wisdom teeth really hurt.

Let me correct myself: the empty spaces in my mouth where my wisdom teeth were really hurt. All four of them.

This past Friday began quite pleasantly for me. I woke up, showered and brushed my teeth, and then got in the car to go to the oral surgeon. I was called back pretty quickly, put in a chair and set up with heart rate monitors and oxygen, and then I felt a needle in my arm.

I was a little nervous, seeing as I don’t really like needles, but I stayed calm, knowing that in a few seconds I would be knocked out. I was sitting there wondering how much longer the sedative would take when I woke up in a different room, lying on a bed.

Apparently I was strapped down, but I don’t really remember much. Just asking my mom if I was still in the surgery room. Turns out I wasn’t.

I stumbled to the car, and then I fell back asleep.

We drove up to an intersection, and I opened my door and leaned my head out of the doorway as I threw up.

Apparently this was normal, seeing as my mom didn’t even flinch, just said that if I kept swallowing blood, it would happen again, and that we’d get some gauze when we got to my aunt’s house.

We did get gauze, and it did help… for a bit. That is until I puked again. And again. And two or three more times after that, I don’t really remember.

Anyway, I spent most of my weekend in bed, throwing up any food I ate and slowly stopping the consistent bleeding in my mouth.

So, to wrap up my story, I’m upset about the week because I can’t just lie down and rest, but I’m excited for the week because it means I made it through the worst.

Also my cheeks are really swollen.




Warpaint is a 4-piece girl band from Los Angeles. I’m guessing that when you hear the word girl band you automatically think: poppy, fake, materialized rubbish. This is definitely not the case with Warpaint.

Warpaint are an experimental art, rock group who formed in 2004. Although primarily indie, the girls describe their genre as Ghettotech, Melodramatic Popular Song and Psychedelic.

The girls came together to create a different type of music and sound, they succeeded.

With melodic and peaceful symphonies mixed with rock and guitar leads, Warpaint have conquered a combination that works wonders. Their haunting sounds relax and entice, whilst contrasting beats adding flavor to the  melodic tones and harmonies.

Releasing their first album “The Fool” in October 2010, as well their debut single “Undertow” the band captured the attention of many music lovers.

The group is scheduled to play at several large festivals over the summer months including Coachella and Glastonbury.

Warpaint are an extremely unique band that I admire greatly. I hope they keep producing and playing great music!

Tommy Reilly.

Tommy Reilly!

Tommy Reilly is a singer, songwriter from Scotland. In 2009 Channel 4 hosted the show Orange Unsigned Act, Tommy was one of many contestants competing to win a recording contract.

The viewers, of the show, took a strong liking to Tommy’s individuality along with the judges. The emotional connection he held with a song often reduced him and his viewers to tears. He was unique because he was true to his heart and sang for his pleasure rather than to impress. With much support Tommy ultimately won the show.

After his triumph his first single “Gimme a call” was instantly released into the U.K charts. The song reached 14 in the single charts but unfortunately for him, his success didn’t last long.
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Wacky World of Football

Although I am still young, I have had the chance to work on all sides of football. I have played, refereed, coached and worked in the management.

For me there is an obvious favorite, playing. Playing football is a great feeling, one that allows me to get out all of my emotions. It is an art form. It is like I am in my element, one in which I am completely comfortable.

But playing is not that far ahead of the others surprisingly.

Refereeing is not what one might consider “fun” but for me there is a sense of duty. I am going out to ref with the idea that I am helping the game (although players may disagree). Being a ref is a very hard job and it has given me insight to the pain I cause refs when I yell and hassle them.

Coaching is very exciting for me. It gives me the feeling that I am opening up a whole new world to kids. I remember the joy that learning football gave me and I try to emulate that. I hope that my coaching gives kids a opportunity to go have fun and learn as much as they can about the game of football.

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Okay, I know we’ve already had the “Rebecca Black” blog post done by yourgingerkid, but I’d like to take a different point of view on the matter. Yes, like yourgingerkid, I do feel bad for Rebecca Black, she’s young and doesn’t deserve all of the death threats, and she also probably doesn’t know that her voice sounds like a walrus on crack. But I also have to say, as a musician, I am insulted.

(Said Walrus on Crack)

As a vocalist, I am insulted that a 13-year-old girl and so much autotune that you don’t even know what her voice truly sounds like (except for the fact that it’s unbelievably nasally) has gotten recognition for being “the next Justin Bieber,” even though he isn’t that fabulous anyway.

As a lyricist, I am insulted that a mere child is talking about partying, and even more so insulted that, in her bridge, she sings, “We we we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today.” I’M SORRY, but it really makes me cringe that she couldn’t use “we’re” or “we are” or just follow the proper rules of grammar.

As a musician, I am insulted that electronic instruments, terrible electronic drums, and a music video with more awkward dancing than a middle school dance has more than 73 million views.

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Raise Your Weapon

Titles, reputations, and rumors kill me.

They spread like fireballs and grow infinitely at a blinking rate.

Who on earth could possibly find themselves intelligent enough to title another?

How does one assure that he or she is not observing the silhouette of another?

Age, class, and wealth.

Should these factors really grant one the power to be judgmental?

Phony, fake, genuine, inconsiderate, kind, spoiled, thoughtful, respectful, ignorant, rude.
Even if one finds such titles necessary and appropriate, one should never forget that these adjectives can act as fatal weapons in tearing apart another’s heart.

Once this principle is disregarded, the war begins.

As in retaliation, the two sides will unconsciously hold a grudge against each other. Although difficult and disturbing to recognize, this vicious cycle is an inevitable part of human nature.

In fact, reputations must stem from some sort of solidity, but never from nothingness.

One word, and it’s all over.

So please, raise your weapon. And fire, until your enemy cries for mercy, it is the only way to survive.

Raise your weapon.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

I’ve been at OVS for five years now. It’s safe to say that I can call it home away from home and a place that has played a major role in shaping the person that I am today. From age 12 to 17, a person in most easily molded due to being in the formal operations stage of cognitive developement. A normal teenager wouldn’t dream about spending this much time at ‘home,’ but here you don’t really have a choice.

In a normal household, in a normal life, you are exposed to the outside world. You see tragedies happen first hand and just simple little realities of life. Up on a desolate hill with less the 125 people it’s like living in a zoo. We have absolutely no clue as to what’s actually going on in the real world.

Can’t we watch the news during breakfast?


Every morning a constant flow of students make their way in and out of the cafeteria, some staying for a meal and others rushing through. Would it be so much to ask to turn on the news to see what’s going on outside our little world?

Just last year when the oil spill off the coast of the Mexican Gulf, most of the students weren’t aware of it until a while after. I found out because I was in Advanced Placement Environment Science, but I’m pretty sure that most of the foreign population had absolutely no clue about it.

It’s so silly! Why can’t the news be turned on in the mornings? I can say that if the news were to be played I would actually eat breakfast and not rush through. I’m sure that a lot of people would. Hell, it’d educate us, not distract us. There really isn’t a reason not to turn it on in the mornings!

It’s Today

Today I woke up to hear that I got into Chapman University. My baseball team the Ojai Valley School Spuds beat Ventura County Christian 7-4 in an exciting game yesterday. I saw my confidant Colm Barrett pitch into the 5th inning striking out 12 and permitting 4 unearned runs,  Cole McIntosh hit a clutch RBI double in the first inning, and I don’t want to brag but I pitched pretty well too and got my first career save.

Seems that the good is going to continue for a while, at least for another 6 months and I’ll tell you why. It’s opening day today.

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