On Tuesday, Manchester United beat Schalke FC 2-0. This is an incredible win for United and one that will hopefully put them in the champions League final.

In the Champions League, teams play home-and-home which means that for every round there are two games: one at each teams home field.

For most teams it is much harder to win the away game but that’s just what Manchester United did.

Ryan Giggs got the first one, becoming the oldest player to score in the Champions League. Wayne Rooney got the second goal to really boost United’s chances.

The win does not guarantee anything, especially since Schalke was the team that scored 5 goals against Inter Milan. But one would think that United’s chances are pretty good going back to Old Trafford with a 2 goal cushion.

This weekend United play Arsenal, then Schalke on Wednesday followed by Chelsea that next Saturday. Although it is a very difficult schedule, United have been playing great.

Ryan Giggs goal best v Schalke

If United beat or tie Chelsea the league is pretty much theirs. I am very excited to see how the end of the season finishes now that United is so close.

For a complete summary of the game go to: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/report?id=315489&cc=5901


OVS was my first prom, and it was fun.  It took so much effort from everyone and it came out great.  ON top of that I got to ride in the party bus and we just well, partied all the way to Prom.

The food and glow sticks, and well all of it was simply great.  The Dj was good, and he even offered me a job! (and he’s Jewish; just sayin).

What I liked most about the Prom was the photos though.  They were done really well and I took some very funny pictures…with Mr. Cooper.  I must thank OVS for such a wonderful opportunity to have a prom.

GOtta love the Coopster

Life and Facebook

I have a “terrible” habit.

And, my friends ask me,
“Are you okay? You deleted Facebook!”

Among many merits of this wonderous social-networking site, I particularly enjoy connecting with my friends and families from long-distance, and taking an advantage of people’s privacy–just kidding.

All the “like” buttons, comments, uninformed lurks of my profile, messages, and pictures, especially the tagged ones, can sometimes be overwhelming. Also, I, as a high school senior, is afraid of secretive patrol from college admissions, even if I have nothing to hide, having an unknown identity search for my private life frightens me. In the future, my Facebook could play even more detrimental roles in debilitating my identity to the future juries, creditors, insurers, ex, employers, and strangers.

To aid these concerns, Facebook has invented vastly complex privacy settings that if one is not a supreme expert in the field of Facebook and digitalized media, this privacy control can give a worthy headache.

So, whenever I feel too distracted and time-consumed in taking precious care of my fabricated life displayed on internet, I quit, at least temporarily.

It’s not an illness nor a sin. Nothing is wrong with my identity, personality, and life. I just do not feel like devouring my time to talk to strangers, staying alert to check if highly undesirable photos have been tagged recently, or selling my privacy to the public.

Indeed, my life still continues, just not on Facebook, but in actual reality. And, I will definitely return, when communication and connection become necessary.

Just saying, Facebook deactivation is sometimes needed.


As a little kid I always wanted to be an astronaut.  I mean what boy didn’t.  It’s one of those cliché things that every little kid must do.  But what is going to happen to all the little kids now that Obama has stopped manned shuttle voyages.

Kids are going to have to fantasize about not as cool jobs, like firemen or police officers.

Now look at the astronauts themselves.  The entire US astronaut corps will all be out of work.  And let’s be honest, most places are looking for job experience and management skills, not men and woman who go and kick it in space on a regular occasion.

So to conclude I think all of us need to band together to help save our Astronauts.