With Piercing Blue Eyes

This is the story

Of a pitcher named “Ry”

Armed with a fastball

And Two Piercing Blue Eyes

Last Saturday he

Faced a good Thacher team

Winning that game was a feat

That haunted his dreams

The morning was rough

Lap labor made him protest

“My arm is in pain” he said

“And I need badly to rest”

But when the game started

He felt right at home

He was the king of his palace

The mound was his throne

Who should feel all his malice

From a morning well spent

The baseball Toads of Thacher

Here’s how the game went

After a first inning

In which two runs were allowed

Ry found his cool groove

He had set-tled down

With Min and Cameron

With Barrett and Cole

The OVS Spuds

Put the Toads in a hole

A 5 run third inning

Made them feel they could fly

The Spuds were pumped up

Especially Ry

He threw fastballs and curves

Struck out guy after guy

Toad after Toad and seeing the zone

With his deadly and piercing blue eyes

When the carnage was over

Ojai won 12-5

The next game is on Wednesday

Yours Truly,


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