Sweet Dreams Please!

I really wish I could have those amazing dreams about happy things like love and fairy tales.
You know those dreams where you wake up and you’re like “No! No! No! I want to keep dreaming!”

I want that!

Instead I am left to dream about creepy things like getting weird diseases, being kidnapped by strangers, and even clips from horror movies that I know I should have never watched.
And on the best of nights I find myself running for long periods of time in search of my cellphone or my lost set of keys.

I mean, really?

I just want one good dream. Isn’t that the point? Isn’t it supposed to be the one time of day when you aren’t faced with reality and instead can create images of love and happiness?

And so I researched it.
Apparently it is my stress and anxiety that leads to these undesirable dreams.
But it’s not fair! : (

Doesn’t more stress deserve better dreams?

Ugh, whatever, stupid!

I guess I will just have to relieve my stress in order to have better dreams…mm nevermind that’s not going to happen.

But instead I will stick to the plan of imaging marshmallows and kittens before I go to sleep, and I will be definitely stay away from those scary movies!

One thought on “Sweet Dreams Please!

  1. Well you know that some say dreams are really projections of our subconscious. Our inner most thoughts are still playing in our brains like movies. Sounds like you need to get some stuff off your mind. Let it start tonite. Have fun.

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