Cross-Country Challenge

I’m sure that plenty of people will be blogging about this soon, but last week eighteen students, including five students from this blog, went on the honors ski trip.

We all packed up Monday morning and made the six hour drive to Yosemite in two school vans filled to the brim with snacks and camping equipment. I hadn’t been to the snow in five years, so needless to say I was ecstatic.

I had also never skied before. Here is where my actual blog starts.

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Skiing is definitely not as easy as it looks. Not only was I only one that hadn’t seen snow in five years, I was also the only one to have never have skied before.

It must have taken me over ten minutes to get my skies on the first time and almost immediately after they were snapped onto my feet I fell which was only the first of more than one hundred falls in a two day period.

The first day we skied for maybe three and a half miles. As a first time cross-country skier, that was absolute hell. My knees and shins are still covered in dark bruises and my abdomen still hurts from having to lug myself up after every fall.

To be honest I didn’t think that my body could bend in that many ways. It’s surprising how well your body puts up with stress when you realize that the only way you’re getting back is by picking your limp body up and skiing on.

Once or twice someone would say, “For Christ’s sake Emma, it’s just sliding your feet!” which only made me more frustrated and not want to go on, but not going on really wasn’t an option.

However by the second day I could actually reach a decent speed going downhill without completely wiping out and twisting my joints in unimaginable ways. It felt good not to be made fun of as much and actually keep up with some people. I even made it all the way up a huge hill only falling once from laughing with fellow blogger yourcupatea, and only fell once going down the huge hill following because I was going too fast.

I must say, however frustrating and discouraging cross-country skiing may be at first, it surely is worth every single moment of it in the end.


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