Dear Gangsters, Please Go Away

You know who I have a problem with?


Those people who think they are so tough.

Those people who speak in such arrogant tongue.

Fine, so I’m being completely judgemental, but I dont care. I’m not saying they are not good people and I am definitely not defining all of them with these characteristics. But I have sadly yet to see one that has proved my opinion wrong.

They drive their $50,000 escalades and flaunt their platinum gold “bling” but then state how their lack of wealth has led them to a life of stealing, violence, and O-M-G just so much hardship.

I just get so annoyed.

If you’re going to have that stupid, unintelligent, incomprehensible accent and use incredibly annoying words such as “dog” and “homie,” at least know how to speak Spanish properly.

Unfortunately, you will be surprised to find out that many don’t even know their own cultural language.

My mom dislikes them too. Not them as a person, but what they stand for.

Born and raised in Mexico, my mother speaks Spanish flawlessly and understands the Mexican culture and the Mexican people. And contrary to popular belief, where she lived there were no “Cholas” or “Cholos,” no drive by shootings or daily crime sprees.

Unfortunately, many people associate Mexicans with these men and women. Well my mom has a clear statement: “They’re parents may be immigrants, but those boys who walk around with their underwear hanging out and are not even from Mexico, they’re from America.”

And you may ask yourself what could you possibly know about gangsters Polkadots1112? I mean, really?

During my sophomore year, I attended a public high school of 3,000 and out of that number, I’d say a lot were defined as “gangsters.” The thing that striked me as odd was that it was in Camarillo, California. Of course there are bad places in almost every town, but I’ve been to plenty of places in Camarillo and I really have no idea where this “hood” is located. And strange enough, as I was walking home I passed by one of these “gangsters” entering a beautiful mansion like home, greeted by his three loving dogs. Like, “are you serious?”

I do not mean to be completely harsh but I honestly hate seeing the young freshman “gangsters” who believe that this kind of lifestyle of stealing, cheating, bullying, and violence is ok.

To not try to succeed in anything and act as though you’re too tough, or too much of a “man” to try to be intelligent, . It’s honestly just sad. I just wish these people would realize that even if they’re life is honestly filled with hardship, they’re life does not have to continue in that direction. You should choose the life you want, and not let others choose it for you.

3 thoughts on “Dear Gangsters, Please Go Away

  1. Are “gangsters” a product of their environment or is how you dress, act and speak a personal choice? Young people join gangs because they want acceptance and protection.
    Not many alternatives for poor, young Mexican American males. When I see a middle school student dressed in dickies and a triple XXL white T-shirt, I blame the parents who went to Target and bought the clothing. My advice: Never tattoo.

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